these pictures were taken by with an iPhone application called QuadCam
- this makes me want to have an iPhone, so so BAD!

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Pantone 186 C

this was a gift i got yesterday from one of my colleagues at work
i'm simply smitten by it 

according to the Pantone color i am 

London Bus
Jalapeno Peppers
Post Box

(weirdly enough, this SO sums me up)


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Jane from Sea of Shoes got mentioned in Kanye's BLOG and she's only 16 - i don't think i was this cool when i was 16.

check out her blog - it IS pretty COOL!

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too bad there weren't any pictures of Rat's cooking but HOW CUTE IS THIS?
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Lines & Shapes

this is one subscription that i NEED to have
Lines&Shapes is curated by these two amazing ladies, Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese

ALSO i wish i lived in Brooklyn, just so that i can attend these classes.



i am in love with Etsy and everything it has to offer, this shop recently became of one my favorites. i like the simple and organic pottery that Sara Paloma creates.

(first seen here)

Tea (tree) House


this house reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle - how magical does this look?
if only i had a tree house like this when i was a kid

p.s. if you haven't seen the movie - you should!

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Dress/Vintage, Shoes/Kathryn Amberleigh (not shown)

my sweet friends threw me a surprise party over the weekend.
it was one of the best birthday parties i have ever had. 

a post about all the sweet/funny and out of this world gifts will soon follow.

(create your own Polaroid)

color me fancy!

crayons made fashionable. i would tag the walls of buildings while walking by them, oh the endless possibilities of coloring with crayon rings. the rings are available here

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you + me = ♡

now this kind of math, makes total sense to me.

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I Wish...


... for this Alexander Wang bag - how could one not wish upon this?
look at all the details.
first seen on this amazing blog

(Buy it here)


Sleeping Bear

all i'd need is this and i would be ready for the camping season.
designed by the amazing Eiko Ishizawa

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this makes me want to draw on my walls
buy it here

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Service at it's Best

last night the man took me out to dinner for my birthday and when we asked for the bill, this is what we got instead - free dinners on your birthday, just makes the day that much sweeter.

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this makes me not want to grow up. i can not wait for it, i have a feeling i am going to LOVE this. watch the trailer here


today is anything but, today i turn 25. time to grow.