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i wish i could've been in Milan to see these objects in person.

- via The Selby

so many things to do and so little time, it's raining again today harder then any other day which makes it that much harder to do things.

- Black*Eiffel

enjoying the day off with the MAN together with some grilled cheese sandwiches and milk.

note. the sandwiches did not make it into the picture - instead they made it into my stomach...

Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

- Lost At E Minor


Thank You: You're Welcome

i really like these series created by Mary & Matt featuring Thank You bags, it seems to have an ironic feel to it, since they now charge $0.05 for plastic bags.

see more here

Bored to Death

i don't have cable but this sure makes me want to have cable, however i am thankful for the internet...

Rainy Sundays

are best enjoyed with a cup of tea, even better, in a heart shaped cup of tea

P.S. make sure to check out chokichoki's fabric shop where you can buy some of her favorite Japanese fabrics.



i actually really LOVE Jamie Campbell's Photography
he's a dear friend of mine - probably one of the funniest and talented people i know

to get to know him more, check out his blog

(all images copyright Jamie Campbell)

"like a memory quilt..."

i adore Kris's project; embroidered diary entries from when she was 16

Porcelain Skulls - buy them here


this particular one was one of my favorite MJ songs


i hope your weekend was filled with "sunshine and lollypops"...
- if only every day could be like the weekend.

p.s. meet Uzi, he is one of my two pups.



- image via Kate MccGwire

World in a Bag

i own New York in a bag but the owning the World would be the GREATEST...

"and they lived happily ever after..."

... or maybe NOT.
this is why i adore these series from Vancouver based photographer Dina Goldstein
they just add a bit of reality to the fairy tales we all grew up to.

- via


Paper Pot

i love the clean look of this - you can store both toilet paper and tissues in this Paper Pot


"Toof Cleaning" read the whole story here

-via JEANA

Terrible things that can happen:

i've been enjoying the sun lately and it feels good
- the other day i came home to this note (my roommate makes me laugh)

(click image to view larger)

1 Dress 365 Days


this project is an inspiration 
- and it shows to go that you can do a lot with just one classic piece of garment.



my D.I.Y. list keeps growing - this is the newest addition to it.
now if only i could find the time to finish them all

Grip onto your bike handles...

how rad are these!! i wish i had these when i was younger (no scratch that) i wish i had them now.


"Be cool, not a fool!"

do i need to say more? 

- via 

day dreaming

my head's been all over the place these last couple of days.
i think a To Do list is much needed but for now i will just day dream...

p.s. am in love with this concept


007 lolly

In the mood to lick Daniel Craig (a.k.a. 007)? Well now you can!
- perfect for those HOT summer days

read the whole story here



shabd's hand dyed pieces and art work are to die for
i am feeling inspired this morning to dye all of my clothes


i stumbled upon this brand from Knight Cat but after looking through their site i just fell in  with the rest of the line.


view the rest of the line here



this is another reason why i need/should/would love to move to NYC - in this video it shows you the making of the High Line - which is a gritty elevated railway that has been reinvented into a park in NYC (it is due to open this month)

i've always been a fan of Justin Van Hoy's work - he's designed for brands such as OBEY, Cobra Snake and so many more - to learn more click here

One of my other favorite artists - Jeana Sohn - will be donating this piece

Book Brush

i need this genius idea for a book brush - it would speed up cleaning around the house so much more.


after a sleepless night.
after a lot of thinking.
after all it's not that bad.

(image via)


F@$% Off!

this is how today felt and how the rest of the week will probably feel.
today sucks. so today, i think you need to F@$% Off.

ps. i apologize for the language (but sometimes you just have to let it out)

(image - source unknown)