Fun Tape

you could have endless fun with these

DIY Bottle Cutter


this looks like a fun DIY, wonder if it would be as easy as they say it is.


did you ever wear these when you were young? 
i am thinking of buying them again - they are so comfortable.

Ice Cream-Man

this made my day - summer where are you?

chai cheesecake lollipops

i could eat these anytime/anywhere/always.

P.S. make sure to check out their shop of sweets too!

H&M Tights

how lovely are these packages?

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get yours for £15.99

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organized chaos

days like these.
i like.

(see more pictures here)


Canadian Tuxedo

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- see another great Canadian Tuxedo here



geometric earrings

Let the Right One in

this is definitely one of the best films i've seen in awhile

1960's Levis

i feel like wearing these today, tomorrow and everyday

(image via A Continuous Lean)



Bryan Nash Gill

(click here to see more)

how cute are these? matchstick candles!!
you can buy them here

Mr. Mustache

you could make anyone jealous with this 'stache...

(via S.E.D.)

Spring in a Box

wish i was receiving this in the mail, on a rainy Monday - like today.

(via inchmark)

i can't wait to see the finished result.
i am simply in love with their work. such talent!


if only i had the number of this dentist, i wouldn't be scared to go...


counting down

what a great man, what a great idea - this is the sweetest most loving way to count down the days until that special day arrives.

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