Corn Craft

this installation is one i would've loved to see in person



any traditions or "excuses" to celebrate Thanksgiving more then once a year - is just fine by me.
Febgiving is probably one of the greatest "inventions" i've heard of recently

This is why i would rather pay the extra money and fly to my destinations - or - even better drive... still AMAZING story though.

Unhappy Hipsters

He’d hoped to procure one of the elusive “silver” pugs; this mutt stuck out like a sore thumb. That’s what he got for shopping with a non-AKC breeder.

(Photo: David Lauridsen; Dwell, November 2007)

i totally forgot about this blog - still one of my favorites...



i have to admit i'm a sucker for wearing all black - all around - all the time but Suno makes me want to shine in colour. i love the tribal feel that the clothes give off



this is just a little sneak peak of what i've been working on lately, the SHOP will be up and running soon (stay tuned)


Alexander McQueen

such talent. such greatness. such beauty.